Kup – Dragan Mance



Within just a few days of the official announcement of the 3rd “Dragan Mance Cup 2019”, a large number of interested teams and football schools from all over the world appeared.
We are very pleased to point out that we were contacted by teams from Serbia, England, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Macedonia and  clubs from Australia and Asia.
Interest exceeds all expectations and, according to everything, we expect a little world championship from June 14 to June 16, 2019.
The size of the name of Dragan Mance is fascinating, the legend lives, although 33 years ago he left the football scene, tragically starving in a traffic accident.
It is already clear now that the Sports center “Partizan-Teleoptik” will be too crowded for anyone who wants to take part in this prestigious international children’s football festival.